Our Team at Gold Mountain Community School

Meet Leanne

Leeanne Noble realized her lifelong dream at the young age of 16 while she was working at a preschool. She loves being around children. Evident from the moment you talk to her, Leeanne is generous and bursting with passion for her work. After years of being in the industry and collaborating with other childcare educators, Gold Mountain is the culmination of that dream!

From the moment you step into Gold Mountain, you are surrounded by care and fun. Everything is tailored to capture the interest of children, and even adults! With interactive stations and intentional spaces, you can’t help but want to explore. Leeanne works in tandem with those around her to create an authentic, child-led school that everyone thrives in. She strongly believes that all learning experiences are different, “childhood is not a race,” she says.
Her passion for connecting with others is evident in every inch of Gold Mountain.

No one is more committed than Leeanne to become an advocate for the children of the Palouse. Her dream of Gold Mountain is only a benefit to the Moscow community. The greatest testament to Leeanne’s impact is how much she lights up those around her!

Meet Angel

Angel has been working in childcare over the past 20 years! Beginning by caring for her own children, Miss Angel soon recognized her passion for working with small children. With her kind smile and loving attitude, it’s easy to see how it comes so naturally to her. Her enthusiasm is immediately palpable, especially when you see her talking or playing with children.

Living in Moscow for many years, Angel has had the pleasure of running into Miss Leeanne many times. Although she always took pleasure in their conversations, she knew they would work well together after an enlightening conversation. Angel believes strongly in treating children with respect, so when Leeanne said that children are “little adults, talk to them like real
people!” Angel knew then that wherever Leanne went, she would go!

She always looks forwards to hands-on work with children. Angel is full of joy and kindness, which is obvious when following her passion at Gold Mountain. She brings love, connection, and respect to the school community, working in tandem with Leeanne and Erin.

Meet Erin

A recent graduate in Child Development and addition to Gold Mountain, Erin describes her job as the “happiest accident.” After searching for teaching jobs and not finding what she wanted, Erin clicked immediately with Leanne and her dreams for Gold Mountain.

Erin’s goals in childcare are to guide future generations towards being kind and joyful. She has “always been a helper” and finds reassurance in doing so. Erin is extremely thoughtful, in both words and actions. One of her most memorable moments working with children is when a student reassured her about an accidental mistake. She hopes to teach children that it is okay to
make mistakes and learn from them.

At Gold Mountain, Erin contributes to the loving and nurturing community. She is passionate to continue working with Leeanne, Angel, and the children of Gold Mountain!