Gold Mountain Community School

An extraordinary childhood experience

A play-based developmentally appropriate program where learning is active, dynamic, and fun. Children are invited to choose their activities in a safe and rich environment full of opportunities to learn. We encourage children to explore, inquire, experiment, discover, move, imagine, socialize and reflect.

General Info

Owner/Lead Teacher:  Leeanne Noble

Ages:  3-7

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225 E. Palouse River Drive

Moscow, ID  83843

School Hours

M-F: 8:30am – 4:30pm

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Our Mission & Vision

For typically developing children, learning is a natural process.  Children are born with an innate drive to explore and make sense of their world.  A baby put into an empty room will seek out a piece of lint, pick it up, look at it closely, and put it in his or her mouth.  This is how children learn.  They interact with people and their environment, taking in sensory information, making connections with previous knowledge, and furthering their understanding.

A rich environment maximizes children’s learning opportunities.  Remember the baby in the empty room?  Now let’s put a young child in a room with blue, yellow, and red paint at an easel, wooden blocks on the floor stacked waist high, a light table with translucent colored tiles resting on top, beautiful picture books set on a low shelf, an acoustic guitar leaning against a comfy couch, two eager guinea pigs waiting to be held and fed grass, a large tub full of warm bubbly water and funnels sitting on a table, and a  wooden slide in the corner.  This is the learning environment at Gold Mountain Community School.

We also believe that play is at the heart of children’s learning.  It is through play that they explore and discover, leading to physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Children thrive when they experience safety, belonging, compassion, and respect;  therefore, we aim to make everyone’s school experience reflect these values.

At Gold Mountain Community School we are passionate about helping young children develop:

  • a love of learning
  • a positive sense of self
  • creative thinking
  • social skills


We take Covid-19 precautions seriously.   We follow the most current and up-to-date CDC guidelines for childcare centers. 

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What Parents & Children are Saying

“Gold Mountain Community School is a magical home away from home. The combination of caring, fun and education that happens at Gold Mountain is a testament to Leeanne’s leadership and commitment to the school, students and community. The school is a warm and welcoming place and provides exactly the kind of learning environment that we hope exists for our children throughout their lives. I also want to sincerely thank Leeanne for being so aware of my son’s multiple food allergies and keeping him safe. This has meant the world to our family.”

Catherine Strickland

“When I was looking for childcare, I wanted to find the school from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Kids that were kind to each other. A teacher who worked with them to solve problems together. Everyone thought I was dreaming the impossible. Then I found Gold Mountain. As the name implies, it is a rare gem. Leeanne is supportive and helps empower students to find their voices and to practice empathy with each other. Whatever magic she performs produces kids who love each other, focus on helping each other, and are happy to be together. She builds community in its truest form.”   

Kristen Haltinner

“Leeanne Noble provides magical and supportive early development education. She holds space for each child‘s individual needs, and focuses on making education fun. A great deal of time is spent nurturing healthy social interactions, so you can expect your child to become a kinder person more comfortable with other children. I enthusiastically endorse this school as being a place you should send your child!”

Nara Woodland  (Mom of three Gold Mountain graduates) 

“I like the wide collection of different Legos, toys and art supplies to play with and it’s just really fun to play at Gold Mountain.”

Elliot  (former-student, age 9)

“I like all of it. Gold Mountain is awesome!”   

Gavin (former-student, age 7)

“When I first came to school at Gold Mountain I was a little nervous.  But once I got to know Ms. Leeanne, I felt a lot better because I realized she was such a kind person and gave me a warm feeling that made me feel better.  Also, Ms. Leeanne always had really fun activities that taught me a lot, like dehydrating fruits, a sensory table, and exploding baking soda bags.  We could get dirty and just be kids.  It was so fun.” 

 Avery, (former- student, age 6)

“Gold Mountain Community School was the perfect match for our family and young person. Built with a growth mindset, Ms Leeanne fosters a healthy community through which our child was able to thrive. She provides a platform of exploration through play and organized activities, while developing the responsibility to clean after themselves. GMCS was the perfect match for our energetic and loving child, allowing him to be himself while learning. This school is truly a community as we became connected to families that we have considered to be  our closest friends through our time at Gold Mountain Community School.”

Joshua Bailey